Selected Karusoma collectors tell you about their Karusoma artworks and what it was like communicating with Ville. For information on how to get your own commissioned Karusoma artwork, see COMMISSIONS.

”It’s a joy every morning to sit in front of this color extravaganza, have a cup of coffee and ponder color schemes and compositions before heading to the studio. The personality of its creator brings additional value to the painting. Ville is very creative, full of ideas, brave, fair and tuned to the world with a curious mind and a heart on his sleeve. His use of color is bold, clever and playful. Looking at this artwork will evoke a sense of joy and creativity in you, every time.”

Juhani Perälä and Elina Raitanen
Jokioinen, Finland

”I first heard about Karusoma artworks when visiting a friend’s home about four years ago. The unique name stuck in my mind and soon I found myself contacting Ville to discuss a possible commission. We then met at the Karusoma studio and ended up throwing ideas and possible patterns around together with Ville.

Very soon after our initial meeting, we had the picture of the first version of our commission piece in our email. The colors were spot-on, but the pattern wasn’t there yet, so some additional work was needed. When the second version emerged, we were sold—that was our unique painting! And the best thing was, nobody was going to have the same piece on their wall.

Today, the colorful painting is on our living room wall, where it’s visible from pretty much everywhere. Our guests often speak very highly of it and we in turn enjoy being able to pass the story of Karusoma around.

The painting has become a part of our home and I find myself looking at it quite often. Almost every time I find new details on it, something I had missed before—as if the painting was giving out its secrets piece by piece. Furthermore, the painting has inspired me to start painting with acrylics. Ville kindly offered some advice on this, which I truly appreciated.

It has been an absolute joy to do business with Ville, especially being able to get an artwork done to our exact specifications. The artworks are of good quality and priced very affordably. It’s very easy for me to recommend Karusoma.”

Janne Tiilikainen
Helsinki, Finland

”We have known Ville personally for more than 30 years. A long time ago, having seen his artworks for the first time, we made the decision to have his art in our home someday. And then in 2019 when we started to build our new home, it was very clear for the both of us that Karusoma’s art would be chosen to adorn the high space in our living room.

After our new house was finished, we contacted Ville and arranged a meeting at his studio, where we got to see his recent works in-person and present our ideas regarding the commission. After the visit, Ville designed some sketches for us according to our guidelines and measurements and visited our home to see the space in-person.

Having agreed on all the details, it was time for Ville to order the custom-made canvases, buy the paints and get to work. It took about eight weeks in total, but then our unique artwork was ready. Installation went quickly and smoothly with Ville helping us, and the end result fits our home perfectly.”

Jaana and Jan-Erik Suni
Helsinki, Finland

”My friends bought me a gift card for Karusoma for my 30th birthday, which I was very excited about, because I had visited the Karusoma studio earlier and liked what I saw. The distinctive and unique artworks really caught my eye. I was especially tempted about the idea of being able to order a unique painting for myself and be involved in the process as well. The painting would be one-of-a-kind and made just for me.

I visited the Karusoma studio to discuss my wishes regarding the painting. Looking at finished paintings at the studio helped me to decide the kind of painting I would like to have, what style it should be and what shades of color would be used. It was all very exciting, I was ordering a painting, but end result was still a mystery.

When I was presented the finalized artwork by Ville, I was very impressed straight away. It was exactly what I had wanted—and all mine. First I placed the painting in my dining room, but later I noticed that I preferred the dreamy atmosphere of the painting, which brings me peace and calmness, in the bedroom.”

Reetta Louhivaara
Espoo, Finland

”I first heard about Karusoma years ago, when a childhood friend mentioned it. I looked into it, got interested and then later went ahead and visited the studio. And soon enough I ordered my first commission piece for my music room. Since then there have been five more commissions from Karusoma.

I am an engineer and an entrepreneur and my work is very creative. For that I need a work space that’s peaceful and inspiring, where my thoughts can flow freely. With my first Karusoma I quickly noticed that the patterns on the painting helped me focus and made my mind calm. It is fun to look at the painting and let my thoughts get lost in the patterns. The feeling is not unlike the one you have when looking at an ocean. There is always something new to see.

Ville has been very good at grasping my ideas, which I have presented vocally, and turned them into wonderful artworks. The outcome has exceeded my expectations every time and the process itself has run very smoothly.

What I especially appreciate in Karusoma artworks is their uniqueness and versatility. I have moved the paintings to different spaces many times and they always find their place well. Having paintings in different styles makes it easy to create different moods and atmospheres even in the same space.”

Tuomas Alinikula
Helsinki, Finland

“I have known Ville personally for years because we studied together back in the day and I have followed his career since the beginning. What I most love about Karusoma is how it’s always possible to find an art piece that is not only unique, but will also resonate with the feel of your home.

Two years ago I moved to a new home and straight away I knew that I wanted to have some original art in it. I then contacted Ville and we began our project by discussing the feel and mood of my new apartment. I wanted the artwork to combine the rather conservative color scheme of my chosen city district with a healthy dose of rock ’n’ roll spirit, which I love. Eventually, we settled on collage style for the artwork, created from photographs and mementos from my years spent living abroad.

Creating the artwork took a few weeks and during that time I was able to be a part the creative process offering suggestions and giving feedback. This was a pleasant surprise as I hadn’t expected this to be possible. It felt great to be heard and have a say in the process. All in all, everything went very smoothly and I could not be any happier for choosing Karusoma.

The finished artwork turned out great, just the way I wanted it to. I see lots of me in the painting. Everyday it brings me joy and happiness, and reminds me of the years I spent in South America, the sunshine in Rio and the street art in São Paulo.”

Minna Matikainen
Helsinki, Finland

”Karusoma and I go back to the very early days of the brand. I bought my first Karusoma to my then current apartment as early as 2008, and after that every time I moved to another place I bought new art from Ville. So far I have around ten Karusoma artworks altogether.

It had been a while since I bought new art, but when I saw the recent collage artworks from Karusoma, the spark was ignited once again. I happened to have an empty wall in my home, then one thing led to another and soon an order was placed for another artwork.

The inspiration for this Marilyn artwork came from a birthday card I had received, even though we went with another Marilyn pic in the end. The picture we eventually chose has just the right mixture of vulnerability and mischief, not unlike its owner. The added materials around the main pic enhance the style and the mood of the painting, but do not – and cannot – overshadow the timeless star power of Marilyn.

As usual with Karusoma, the process ran very smoothly from start to finish via communication on Whatsapp. The finished artwork was personally delivered to my home and hung in place.

I am very happy with my purchase. Thank you, Ville.”

Mika Sallinen
Helsinki, Finland

”For the longest time I searched for the perfect painting to my first home, but found nothing. Then I was visiting a friend and noticed a beautiful painting on the wall. It was a Karusoma. I asked for the contact info and got in touch with Ville very soon.

I had just finished remodeling my new home and needed a painting to go with my chosen colors. After some discussion, I decided to go for a commission. I visited the Karusoma studio, looked at the artworks and decided the style and the size of the painting. Ville’s experience was very helpful in making the decisions and I felt like he got my vision. My hope was that the painting would match a cabinet I had and to help with this I went a hardware store and picked a color tone to act as a guide.

The finished painting turned out great and met all my wishes, even exceeded them. The color tones are just right and it fits my home perfectly, brightening my day – every day.

If you’re looking for a painting that is perfect for you, I can certainly recommend Karusoma. Dealing with Ville was very easy, he really understood what I was after. It was great to be able to participate in the process. And to own a painting that was made just for me, that’s incredible.

A huge thank you, Ville!”

Elina Virtasaari
Helsinki, Finland