Acoustic board artworks

Karusoma is now offering several options for improving the acoustics in any room or space with custom-made acoustic board artworks. Combining art and acoustic boards has never been easier. Consider any of these options to get started:

● order a Karusoma commission artwork the same way you normally would without any material or style restrictions, and when the artwork is finished, have an acoustic board artwork created of it in the size chosen by you

● order an acoustic board artwork from your existing Karusoma artwork and use it either in full or in part

● have your existing Karusoma artwork turned into an acoustic board artwork in the size chosen by you after which the new piece will be worked on by Karusoma to create another unique original artwork

The maximum size of acoustic board artworks offered by Karusoma is 122×244 cm, but several pieces can be placed next to each other to create an even larger piece. Thickness of the acoustic board is 2,44 cm and it can easily be cut to any size or shape. The ordered acoustic board artworks can picked up from the Karusoma studio in Helsinki or they can be shipped directly to you. If you live in Finland, you can also have your acoustic board artworks installed, at extra cost.

Please note that as Karusoma does not offer prints of its artworks, ordering an acoustic board artwork requires you to first purchase the original work you want to have printed, unless you have done so already.

All Karusoma acoustic board artworks are priced case-by-case. To get an idea what an artwork like this will cost approximately, the price of the printing work and the material is usually around 180 euros per square metre (100×100 cm), not including cutting, shipping or installation.

Do not hesitate to contact Ville if you have any questions or ideas regarding acoustic board artworks. He will be happy to help you in any way he can.
+358 50 4000 691