“Have art done just for you.”

If you do not find the painting you desire in the Karusoma collection, one can be commissioned just for you—at no extra charge.

Please note that you might be asked for half down when your commission is accepted. Full payment is needed on completion before shipping.

Follow these steps and you are soon on your way to having your very own Karusoma commission piece:

1. Make a decision on three things regarding your painting: style, size and colors. Looking at current or earlier Karusoma artworks will surely help.

2. Figure out your budget. How much are you willing to spend? The larger the budget, the more choices you have.

3. Try to find a picture or two of Karusoma paintings you like. This will go a long way to make Ville understand your wishes more easily.

4. Send all this info to Karusoma and wait for Ville’s response. He will guide you along, maybe ask you some more questions and let you know how things will proceed from there.